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"Michelle Beth Herman nails the pivotal role of Sally Bowles, embodying the not so complex shadings of the character, from assured performer to vulnerable train wreck. She’s a vocal powerhouse on the showstoppers “Maybe This Time” and “Cabaret” but is equally adept at the comic and saucy numbers like “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Mein Herr”.

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"Herman faces the challenge of being compared to Liza Minnelli’s Sally Bowles from Bob Fosse’s 1972 movie version of the musical. She overcomes this with her powerful voice and brings down the house with her numbers “Maybe This Time” in Act I and then with the musical’s namesake “Cabaret” in the second half."

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"Finally, while all of the cast members cheerfully inhabit their often absurd characters, Michelle Beth Herman as The Lady of the Lake is worth particular mention. With a voice with range and power, her performance is more than worth the price of a ticket. She is particularly appealing when she sings “Whatever Happened to My Part,” one of several numbers that lampoons the skeleton of every Broadway musical ever produced."


"Appropriately, the two characters whose presence really filled the stage were the most important... Michelle Beth Herman exuded beauty and sang with brilliance as the all-important Lady of the Lake.”

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"Michelle Beth Herman’s Vanessa

is filled with sex appeal and determination. She knows when to let frustration spill out and when to hold it tightly just before it climaxes, making for a performance filled with dramatic tension and explosive pay-off." 

"Michelle Beth Herman is sincere in this role that pins the hopes of the community on her."

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"Michelle Beth Herman as Sally Bowles shines in the role. We’re introduced to her in the number “Don’t Tell Mama,” a fun, flirtatious number with the ensemble. Herman’s club performances hit just the right note for a cabaret show – a bit risque but overall just fun to watch. But the emotional numbers carry a different weight. Herman’s performance of “Maybe This Time,” Bowles’ yearning plea for just a bit of happiness, sets the tone for the rest of the show. The music seems pulled out of her, in an affecting way that lives up to the iconic song. But for me, “Cabaret,” the penultimate number of the show, is Herman’s best number. It is supposed to be a mix of a triumphant return to the stage and simultaneously the giving up of the very dreams she wished for in “Maybe This Time,” the conflict and deep emotion makes it the most-compelling song of the show."

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"King Arthur’s love interest is the Lady of the Lake, beautiful, mesmerizing, and a superb singer. Michelle Beth Herman fills the role, and subsequently, the theater, with an amazing voice, a divine diva. Her vocal range and her ability to nail a number of musical styles, including an impressive scat scene, was certainly a high point of the evening."

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“Michelle Beth Herman belts out songs to lampoon Broadway excess with the vocal power to top those showstoppers."

"Michelle Beth Herman plays Nina Rosario with a sweet depth and expressive voice. As good-natured Benny, Blaine Krauss is very easy on the eyes and makes an apt love interest. Krause has a great tenor register and he and Herman harmonize beautifully."

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